Now that Halloween is over and Holiday decorations and music seem to be everywhere already I thought it would be the perfect time to plan a thriving–mentally, physically, and spiritually–holiday season before the true craziness starts. Despite the added stress and pressure, the holiday season is a true blessing in its self. It not only brings everyone together, it also makes us mindful and realize what life and true happiness are really all about. It’s not about “surviving” the holiday season, it’s about fully embracing what it truly means to love your friends, family, and most importantly yourself! Yes that’s right I said it, YOU are the most important one to focus on this season. Giving and loving yourself despite your regrets, hurts, anger, heartaches, and sadness…. it is so important especially during the holiday season to give a little TLC and spend some time on you because if you can’t love yourself you can’t fully give to everyone you love. I put together a list of a few actions this season that will help you get the most love out of this holiday season!

Gratitude Journal

Plan, Plan, Plan, Plan

Jump in the leaves, Play in the snow

Get to bed by 10

Focus on quality over quantity

Ditch the sugar and carbs

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