It wasn’t always love at first “bite”. After overcoming eating disorders in high school I fell head over heals in love with the healthy natural whole foods that helped me regain control of my mind, body, and soul.

Now I can’t go more than a few hours without getting the munchies :). Always seeming to be so busy and always on the go it was so hard for me to find snack options that were pure, “finish the bag” delicious, and that I felt nourished all aspects of me and this new found life I was so passionate about living for myself and being an example to others. Taking matters into my own hands (literally), and would make all my snacks from scratch, concentrating on high protein, good fats, healthy digestive fiber, and immune system boosting antioxidants. After, many family and friend testers and repeat taste testers, naturally j. was born. Staying true to the company values and your health, I hope to turn Naturally J. into a brand that you can always feel good indulging in.

We don’t use refined sugars, gluten, soy, or dairy and are committed to only using the purest all natural whole food ingredients. Made of pure goodness, and loaded with 100% natural functional foods, naturally j snacks make it easy to enjoy snacking healthy. These are products your body will love you for. Pure guilt-free snacking happiness!


A Master of Public Health, MPH, Nutrition with experience in the fitness, functional medicine and natural beauty industries, Jacqueline has a passion for helping women find their balance nutritionally, hormonally, and in their daily life. After going through many health struggles, physically and mentally, she has found her health and happiness and loves helping others navigate through their own struggles and find the health and happiness they may think isn’t attainable through individualized coaching and healthy snacking!