A refreshing blend of matcha green tea and coconut with a hint of vanilla.


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These little tasty treats are the perfect travel companion, dessert, midday snack, or pre- and post- workout pick-me-up. Packed with only healthy nutritious super foods your body will love!

100% natural and preservative free, made in small batches with nothing artificial, and dehydrated to maintain the quality of the nutrients and enzymes in our raw ingredients.

guilt-free – gluten free – refined sugar free – dairy free – soy free – paleo – nutrient dense – raw


coconut, almonds, coconut butter, honey, matcha green tea, vanilla, and pink Himalayan sea salt

COCONUT-High amounts of Lauric acid, a healthy fatty acid found in the saturated fat from all natural foods, has fat-burning, antibacterial, acne fighting, and hormone balancing properties.

ALMONDS-High in blood sugar controlling, stabilizing, and heart disease preventing monounsaturated fatty acids, anticancer and overall skin healthy antioxidants and vitamin E, as well as bone and teeth health promoting minerals.

HONEY-An all natural energy booster with antioxidant supporting brain and memory functioning as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

MATCHA-High in antioxidants called polyphenolic catechins which help in burning adipose/ fatty tissue.

VANILLA-A potent antioxidant with strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT-Rich in trace minerals and electrolytes that can help to balance your body’s PH levels and encourage healthy blood sugar levels.

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